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ImageYes, it is time to let go all that is yesterday and begin a new direction, a new beginning. Religion, god, new age, alternative thinking, spiritualism is very much a part of our history but let it not be our future. We need a new future to take us into this world of technology. The old systems deserve respect, after all it has helped so many people. The future deserves a new alignment - Celeritism.

   The word Celeritism has been derived from the word Celeritas, which is Latin for swiftness, used to describe the speed of light in Einstein's theory E=MC2. It is represented by the ‘C’ in this theory. Therefore this new word affiliated to energy has a huge significance to its meaning. It is a neutral word in regard to a belief system. It represents science and reason

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          Celeritism is an observation of our being which continually builds upon its foundations. It is the key to understanding who we are, in order to guide our future. The Celeritist is the individual who participates.     

                            Celeritism is the key to opening the door to a new future. 

     Society through every generation has programmed the individual to accept and behave within certain boundaries. Celeritism unlocks the mystery that has held us captive for thousands of years.

         People are in need of a fresh and neutral direction, one that cannot be claimed by past confusion. We will never truly understand our ancient history but what we can direct is an uncomplicated future. This can be achieved by stripping away the mask of mystery and develop a new approach that is naked of influences. Since we are creatures of habit much of how we have been influenced will inevitably be evident in our thoughts. 

           Life is a journey of accomplishments. There should be no suffering or fear and no one should control or manipulate another individual. Every individual is intelligent; it is merely our focus which is different.

     Your views on this subject are both welcome and appreciated. 

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This site was updated January 4th 2014.


          I felt it as though a subtle breeze -  Like the summer wind winding through the trees

          I knew it was something from long ago…  I saw it as I looked out of my window

            A rush of something from deep within - I felt the chill climb across my skin…

         Inspiring, elusive, imaginative…  It was telling of a new way to live

         And so, I asked of what it was… And it told me a story; the story of us…

         Of where we’d been, of what we’ve seen…  Of what’s to come and what was before…

         It spoke of knowledge and ancient lore… And signalled the opening of a door…

         One that exists inside the mind - Beyond the parameters of space and time…

           Celeritism is paving the way -  For humanity to see a brighter day…

         And so here it is, from me to you… Confirmation of what you know to be true…

                                                  Celeritism in heart and mind,

                                   It always was and will be, eternally, for all of time